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27 Main Street

27 Main Street

By: Mary Ezell

In 1840, William W Goulding brought this property from Edward and Ruby Crary. 
Joseph Hiram Goulding and his brother John (cousin of the Raymonds and Knowles) 
were said to have built a sawmill in the Potsdam area around 1806. Joseph is listed in the 1815 census.
Another brother, George came to Potsdam in 1817. They were the sons of John and Ruth Webb Goulding.

Joseph Hiram and Lydia Melling Goulding had the following children:
1.    Elmira –1803 Phillipston, Massachussetts - 1861 (Potsdam) Bayside Cemetery
                       Married Joseph Horace Sanford in 1824 (Stockholm, NY)
                       •    William Albert Sanford 1827 (Stockholm)- 1892 (NYC) Bayside Cemetery
                       •    JH Sanford Jr 1831 (Stockholm) – 1917 (Potsdam) Bayside Cemetery
2.    James Marshall – 1805 (Phillipston) – 1878 (Rutland Vermont) Evergreen Cemetery
                      Married Amanda Sanford (1850, 1860, 1870 census/ Potsdam). Iron Founder, Machine
                      •    Charles Noble Goulding 1831 (Keeseville, NY) – 1896 (California)
                      •    (Colonel) Joseph Hiram Goulding 1842 (Potsdam) -1896 (Rutland, VT) Evergreen Cemetery 
3.    William W - 1809 (Phillipston) -1859 (Died in Potsdam – Train accident) Brookside Cemetery
                    Married Julia Spencer, 2nd Helen Beardsley
4.    Abigail - 1814 (?) – 1854 (Keeseville, NY). Evergreen Cemetery
                    Married Nelson Strong 
5.    Amanda – 1821 (Potsdam) – 1844 (West Stockholm) Sanfordville Cemetery
                    Married Willis Mould
6.    Harriet - 1824 (Potsdam) – 1905 (Burlington, VT) Lakeview Cemetery
                    Married William S. Hall 
The younger children were born in Potsdam. 

By 1829 Joseph and Lydia Goulding had moved to Keeseville, NY.  Joseph designed and built the first iron foundry there. According to Mechanics Magazine and Museum Register (1833) he had a patent on a machine which used magnets to separate the ore.
Potsdam newspapers mention that William W was an iron merchant in Potsdam.
Lydia died in 1837 and Joseph in 1852 in Keeseville. Evergreen Cemetery.

In 1851 William W/Julia S Goulding sold the property to his brother-in-law Joseph H Sanford. 

In 1855 Joseph H Sanford Sr/ Elmiry Sanford transferred the deed to their son Wm A Sanford.  He is listed on the 1865 map.

The property changed owners again in 1887 to James B Davies.
After more ownership changes, it was purchased in 1912 by Wilbur and Libbie Reynolds.
In this drawing above (found in the Courier Freeman), it was called the Reynolds House.

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Courier & Freeman, September 24, 1949.