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Bayside Cemetery

730 Co Rd 59

By: Celina Patterson

Featured in the Sandstone Festival in 2010 for a vault tour, the Bayside Cemetery was incorporated in 1865 and is located on the west side of the Raquette River, about one mile south of the village of Potsdam. 

The Bay Side Cemetery Association was organized October 30, 1865. The first trustees were, B. Usher, E. D. Brooks, T. S. Clarkson II, A. N. Deming, E. Hitchings, J. H. Seeley, George Richards, H. C. Riggs, H. H. Peck, H. M. Story, Edward Crary and W. W. Morgan. The first officers were, B. Usher, President; H. C. Riggs, Vice President; T. S. Clarkson II, Treasurer; and Edward Crary, Secretary.  

Bayside Cemetery and Gatehouse Complex is a historic cemetery and gatehouse. The cemetery was established in 1865 and the gatehouse complex constructed in 1901. The gatehouse complex is a Chateauesque style, Late Victorian red Potsdam ashlar sandstone building. It includes a receiving room for the deceased and mourners, quarters for the cemetery custodial family and a bell tower. The cemetery includes a number of notable structures and objects including the Clarkson mausoleum (1873), Morgan family obelisk, and Soliders Monument (1903). 


It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004. 

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