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Joseph Horace Sanford Jr House

75 Market St

By: Mary Sherburne Ezell

Original structure has been demolished.

In February of 1854, JH Sanford purchased this property from James L and Marion Simons. JH  placed a  livery stable there. 

At some point the land became the property or his 2nd son, JH Sanford Jr (who was a stock dealer). He and his wife, Mary Hopkins Sanford (Aaron T and Betsy Eastman Hopkins 2nd daughter), had 5 children who lived to adulthood: William Horace, George Hopkins, Mary Elmira, Sara Elizabeth, and Charlotte Allen.

It is not clear when this lovely home was built, but there are many photos with family members posed on the front porch and yard throughout the late 1800s.  It remained in the Sanford  family until 1918 (after  JH Sanford, Jr.'s death) when it was sold to F. A. Seaver. He used the livery stable for his car sales and repair  business and lived in the house.

This large house was razed at some point in the 50s or 60s, and the present group of stores were built in its place.

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Land Deeds 47C-549 and 1938-727-17


Family Photo (Donald Sanford)