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Trinity Episcopal Church - Fall Island - 8 Maple Street, Potsdam, NY

8 Maple Street

By: Celina Patterson

Trinity Episcopal Church is a historic Episcopal church located in Potsdam. It was built in 1835 in the Federal style with Gothic elements built of red Potsdam Sandstone. It was greatly enlarged and transformed into High Victorian Gothic style later in the 19th century, with less significant alterations continuing into the 20th century. The front facade of the church took its final form in 1886 and is a lavishly decorated Victorian Gothic creation, made possible by donations from Thomas S. Clarkson and his family. It features a 110-foot-tall, 19-by-19-foot four-level tower. Also on the property is a stone wall dating to 1870, a large cast iron urn dating to about 1880 and a cast iron lamppost on a sandstone base dating to 1880.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003.

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