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Woodstock Lodge

8 Clarkson Avenue, Potsdam, NY

By: Mimi Van Deusen, Potsdam Village Historian

Address: Clarkson Hill Campus
Commissioned By: Augustus Clarkson
Constructed: 1827
Masonry Style: Slab and binder
Architecture Style: Unknown
Architect: Augustus Clarkson
Stone Source: Clarkson quarry

Brief History:

This building was built on the Clarkson estate in 1827 by Augustus L. Clarkson. Augustus came to Potsdam in the 1820's and was only 25 years old when he built the home. In the 1840's he added a stone addition on the right side of the house. The slab and binder masonry of this home is the first example of it's style. While the origins of slab and binder style are uncertain, it is said Augustus himself instigated the use and possibly the invention of the method. The Clarkson's were very involved in the Potsdam sandstone quarry business and used it in construction often. The Clarkson home began as a 5-bay house and slab and binder masonry on all four sides. The house has unusual thick binders, almost as tall as the slabs. To the south side of the home is the Racquette River. Clarkson College acquired the house from the Clarkson estate and used the building as a dormitory. The building was unoccupied for a number of years. In 1969, Clarkson College gutted the interior and make it into a rathskeller, pizza parlor, and offices. Today, the building is known as Woodstock Lodge and it houses alumni offices, fundraising, and reception rooms.

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